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about us

generations of paniolo  AND 'aina stewardship

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I’O Processing provides a service to the local Hawaiian community processing the cattle of local farmers in a timely
manner, while then providing the market with high-quality grass-fed beef.


During 2018 Nicole Kanda & JB Ranch along with partner Channing Tam, had a vision and a passion to help connect farmers and their goods with local customers from farm-to-table. The team at I’O Processing was created in 2020 with the mission to find a way to help local farmers and ranchers. For the last half a century the meat processing industry has been consolidated by large corporate entities. Corporate meat processing operations grew larger and more commercialized. As local farmers have been struggling to compete and remain profitable, small farmers were driven out of business. By 2018, there were only two thousand seven hundred fifty eight slaughter facilities in the U.S breaking down to less than one per county. Local Farmers are the backbone of American agriculture and the future of our sustainability. Here in Hawaii our local farmers have been struggling to compete with the large corporate companies to book a slaughter date. This problem has made it very hard for small farmers. Small farmers were told that the calendar year is booked for years, giving them no option but to sell their cows at a lost, to feed lots on the U.S mainland.

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On the contrary if our local farmers were able to slaughter their livestock in a timely manner at max weight and
sell to local buyers this would have allowed growth in the local economy, as well as allowing local farmers to
realize profits. These shifting market tides of consolidation within the meat processing industry has created an
environment where consumers were once nourished by fresh high quality local meat, but now consumers are
limited in their options due to market consolidation by larger corporate companies. Consolidation of the meat processing industry has decimated the farm-to-table relationship between farmers and consumers. Our dream is to restore the farm-to-table connection one step at a time to help our animals, farmers, communities, and environment. I’O Processing is positioned to be a model that helps our local communities learn, grow and take back our control of our grass fed local meat processing.

our Vision

I’O Processing has a vision to create a strong global network incorporating sustainable-independent farmers
from Hawaii. A strong global network built upon the foundation are other farmers from around the world. In addition, our aim is to create a premium meat for market to our local communities. I’O Processing is positioned to help create and reinforce the alternative option for our farmers to have a choice and a chance to work together for a profitable and better future.

I’O Processing also wants to aid in helping other farmers, minorities and ranchers grow, learn and achieve their dreams in the agriculture industry. We want to share and give a hand for our children’s future and the future of sustainability in Hawaii and most of all in agriculture.


The generations of cattle ranching just in
our families have been over 100 years
and have proven that cattle ranching is a
very important way of life in Hawaii. It not
only helps our local communities but our
economic future and growth.

The Loando & Kaapana family like many
more who come together to work hard
carry on the way of life they were born
into. The traditions and skills they learned
by their kupunas have proven to be very
important for our sustainability and future.
Hawaii’s network of ranchers need’s

We as I’O Processing & I’O Pets
want to support and grow threw our facility working to support each other and Hawaii’s Cattle Industry with education and development for a better sustainable future in Agriculture.

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez


coming soon

Give your pets high quality food and treats made from cattle raised locally

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